Why I love Greece

I love grece
Greece is my second homeland. Nowadays it is very hard to live here, mainly because of the economic crisis that constantly gaining momentum bringing this beautiful country to ruin. Though I still can’t imagine living in another country. I grew roots here  and as long as I can, I will live here. Why I love Greece? There are many reasons, but perhaps the most important r...
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Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos

lefkada island
May be raining or snowing out of your window but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a good time to plan your vacation trip. It will make you feel better just to think about hot sand and blue sea. Also an earlier planning for a vacation trip allows you to get a better price for the perfect place  or you. If you are planning vacation in Greece and you are not sure for your choice, I...
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Seychelles of the Europe

I heard many time about the town of Kamena Vourla but I never had the opportunity to visit this place. Kamena Vourla is located only 2 hours from Athens. I had the opinion that it was not an interesting place for summer vacations, but, I changed my mind about this place when read an article about beautiful unknowing places in Greece. The articles talked about some tiny i...
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The whole truth about the mythological gods and Trojan War

I remember from a school definition of the word mythology that "The Mythology is a collection of stories and legends" . Some time ago  I found out how wrong is this definition. The word myth in ancient Greek language means fact, the  true is  that  some stories was little colored by to give the divinity of the heroes, but most of these are historical facts. This year I spend...
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Greece on big screen

skopelos skiathos
Greece on big screen In Greece many films have been filmed; more of them have gone down in the history of cinema. Also a lot of Hollywood stars love Greece and speak open about what they feel about beautiful Greece and its island. Skopelos and Skiathos These small islands are located in the Aegean Sea, and belong to the Archipelago group of islands, Sporades. Here in 2008,...
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Corfu island

Corfu island
Corfu is an island located on the north western side of Greece at the border with Albania. Green hills , amazing blue colors of the sea , and hundred olive trees are showcase of the island .Kerkyra (greek name of the island ) has been ruled by various countries, such as Venetia, Britain, France and even Russia. Today we have the opportunity to admire many historical buildings o...
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Interesting facts about Greece

Do you know that?: About 7% of marble of the total world production come from Greece. Greece is in third place in the global olive oil production and most of it is produced on the island of Corfu and Crete . Greece is the first country in the world of the production of sponge. 80% of Greek territory is mountainous. Mountainous in Greece Greece has 3,100 island...
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The best of Athens , Plaka

Tourist visiting Athens turn their very first steps to the famous Acropolis; a site of certainly archeological value; everyone wants to see this important piece of history him or herself. Usually visit to Acropolis ends the adventure with the history in Athens; however Athens offer more historical places worth visit. In the shadow of the Acropolis, overpowered by its greatness ...
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Why I love Crete ?

a0b311_Flickr_Theophilos%20Papadopoulos  chania
For my honeymoon trip I have chosen Crete. I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of this island, and I was very excited about this holiday. We stayed in Platanias; small, beautiful village just 11 km from Chania town. One of the many attractions there is a path leading to the beach through “bamboo forest” formed by tall bamboo plants. The beach was not overcrowded; and was pretty b...
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Top ten beaches of Greece

It is not easy to choose the most beautiful beaches in Greece!!! First five beaches are my top - the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Next five were chosen by my friends and acquaintances. What is your opinion? Write in comments please! 1.Egremni beach , Lefkada This is my absolutely best!!! When I visited Egremni beach first time I was under impression that I’m o...
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