Kassiopi is a small fishing village located in the northern part of the Corfu Island.
This settlement began to grow dynamically in the 70’s and very quickly evolved into a tourist district.

In Kassiopi aren’t big hotels and bustling beaches, it is rather quiet, the intimate place full of small family hotels, and apartments with sea views.
In recent years, many rich Russians pleased a place for their summer vacation.
For this reason, in Kassiopi built several luxury villas with private pools.

corfu villa

The center of the village is the Square located around of the harbor, here you can enjoy a Greek café frappe or eat a delicious meal in one of the picturesque taverns, or buy a souvenir for friends and family.
Kassiopi village to serve as a fortress, now you can a visit in Kassiopi Castle (a stronghold of the Byzantine period). The building is situated on top of a mountain from which stretches the view of the harbor and the sea. This castle at the moment is ruined, but it’s a piece of history worth seeing.


Kassiopi beaches are a variety  sandy and rocky, rather small  with crystal clear blue water. All the beaches in Kassiopi are away from the main road which makes it a perfect place to relax and rest.



This beautiful village is located 35 km from the capital of the island but you can easily get to the city by public transport so-called GREEN BUS. In addition, local tourist agencies organize trips to the capital of Corfu and the pretty village of Paleokastritsa.

Kassiopi is a beautiful village full of interesting attractions, picturesque taverns, beautiful beaches and historical buildings; Kassiopi is the perfect place to spend a quiet family holiday.


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