Why I love Greece

Greece is my second homeland. Nowadays it is very hard to live here, mainly because of the economic crisis that constantly gaining momentum bringing this beautiful country to ruin. Though I still can’t imagine living in another country. I grew roots here  and as long as I can, I will live here. Why I love Greece? There are many reasons, but perhaps the most important reason is the climate! I remember how much I suffered from cold in my country, I was always freezing!!! My last winter in Poland was long and very cold. When in April the sun began to shine and I was tremendously happy for it, when on the next morning I saw the snows again, I just cried! In the same day, my friend Anna called me from Greece and said to me that she was sitting on the veranda in a short t-shirt and sipping a cup of coffee I was very jealous. Living in a country where the sun shines most of the time still can give you a lot of joy and in Greece, we have 250 sunny days a year. When I visited Greece for the first time I felt like my bones defrosted!

The sea is another reason why I do not want to leave Greece. I come from Silesia and I seen the sea twice in my life and I only saw the sea because at this time there was a bathing prohibition as a result of heavy pollution. In Greece the sea is very clean and basically everywhere, none part of Greece is not far from the sea further than 137 km. From May to November in the sea water does not fall below 20 degrees C. Swimming is  the best way to spend my free time and Greece has no lack of  beautiful beaches .

When you ask the average Kowalsky “how are you?” in the 90% percent the answer sound “old poor”, the average Papadopulos answer is “ola kala” that means that everything is ok. Greeks are really fine people and for them everything is ok and unhurried. Greeks are southerners and they have warm blood. If I walking down on the streets, I often hear many much exaggerated compliments, which sometimes can improve my mood for the whole day. Greeks like to revel and wine here is cheap and really good.

I don’t need go on holiday! I don’t need booking the hotel and planning a trip.  I lived in Greece for 12 years and I haven’t seen all the interesting places in a radius of 100 km.  I live in Athens and around the Athens are many beautiful islands and  I can get there by ship in an hour . But not only the islands are beautiful, also inland are so many interesting places worth seeing. Personally, I love to walk in the Plaka district and watching the fascinated tourists, or run around the ancient stadium Panathinaikos.

I really like my life in Greece! I may sometimes lack a few euros in the wallet and the Polish familiar climate and lifestyle. But I like life in Greece, where the sun shines almost always and you cannot get bored. It  has its own charm.

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