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How to choose the best holiday destination in Greece

The Greek islands are quite different in many ways, such as landscape, prices, tourist attractions and standard of service. In Greece everyone can  found something for themself, but you have to know where to look. Here are some tips. If you are devotees of Luxury and first class accommodations The first island is the Santorini, a large volcanic island …

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Why I love Greece

Why I love Greece Greece is my second homeland. Nowadays it is very hard to live here, mainly because of the economic crisis that constantly gaining momentum bringing this beautiful country to ruin. Though I still can’t imagine living in another country. I grew roots here  and as long as I can, I will live here. Why …

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Mycenae Peloponnese

Mycenae Mycenae Peloponnese I remember from a school definition of the word ”mythology” that “The Mythology is a collection of stories and legends” .Some time ago  I found out how wrong is this definition.The word myth in ancient Greek language means fact, the  true is  that  some stories was little colored by to give the divinity of the heroes, but most …

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Corfu island

Corfu is an island located on the north western side of Greece at the border with Albania. Green hills , amazing blue colors of the sea , and hundred olive trees are showcase of the island .Kerkyra (greek name of the island ) has been ruled by various countries, such as Venetia, Britain, France and even …

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Crete For my honeymoon trip I have chosen Crete. I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of this island, and I was very excited about this holiday. We stayed in Platanias; small, beautiful village just 11 km from Chania town. One of the many attractions there is a path leading to the beach through “bamboo …

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