Lichadonisia Seychelles of the Europe

Lichadonisia Seychelles of the Europe I heard many time about the town of Kamena Vourla but I never had the opportunity to visit this place. Kamena Vourla is located only 2 hours from Athens. I had the opinion that it was not an interesting place for summer vacations, but, I changed my mind about this place […]

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Welcome to Greece

Greece is an amazing place. It is a country where everyone can find something for themselves. It is a dream country who likes to laze around and for those who like to spend time actively. Antique enthusiasts will find their paradise here, discovering new monuments. Amateurs of beautiful beaches and azure waters will be able to […]

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Corfu island

Corfu is an island located on the north western side of Greece at the border with Albania. Green hills , amazing blue colors of the sea , and hundred olive trees are showcase of the island .Kerkyra (greek name of the island ) has been ruled by various countries, such as Venetia, Britain, France and even […]

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