Corfu is an island located on the north western side of Greece at the border with Albania. Green hills , amazing blue colors of the sea , and hundred olive trees are showcase of the island .Kerkyra (greek name of the island ) has been ruled by various countries, such as Venetia, Britain, France and even Russia. Today we have the opportunity to admire many historical buildings of those epochs.

If you chosen Corfu for your summer vacation you have to see buildings like Achilleion Palace, Paleopolis, The Royal Palace, The Monastery of Paleokastritsa, New end Old Fortess, Angielokastro, Kassiopi Castle and more .In the fact Corfu is one of the most important cultural place  of Greece , because Corfu is candidate for cultural capital of Europe for the year 2021.

Old fortress in Corfu Town

Corfu is not only historical place, also the island is home of beautiful beaches and grade place for water sport. In this island is located about 119 beaches, is this absolutely record of Greek islands. The most popular beaches of Corfu are  Paleokastritsa ,Nissaki, Glyfada, Kouloura, small Avlaki , or Agios Gordios. Beaches of Corfu is famous of extreme clean water, more of the designated as Blue Flag.Also amazing clean water encourages for water spots , the most popular is diving ,here you have the importunity  admire sea creatures and amazing coral raff . Another very popular sport is paragliding, is definitely my top, this feeling to see the island on the top is unforgettable. Also very popular is fishing safari, especially for fan of fishing.

Avlaki beach Corfu

But captivated me mostly the beauty of nature. This island is a home of the beautiful and unusual plant and animals. In the island we can see amazing orchid like Ophrys bertolonii or Ophrys carmeli ssp attica.We have opportunity to see  Balkan Green lizard at basking in the sun ,Hermans Tortoises  walking around in the grass and in the sea the boat chasing the dolphins .Corfu is the greenest island of the Greece, full of beautiful plants , animals and one of the best places for unforgettable summer vacations .

Balkan Green Lizard


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