Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos

May be raining or snowing out of your window but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a good time to plan your vacation trip. It will make you feel better just to think about hot sand and blue sea. Also an earlier planning for a vacation trip allows you to get a better price for the perfect place  or you. If you are planning vacation in Greece and you are not sure for your choice, I did a comparison on three Greek islands CorfuLefkada, and Zakynthos in the categories of prices, beaches and attractions. I

in my opinion the most expensive of these three islands  is Corfu. But the island offers accommodations of the highest standards. It is difficult to find hotel on the season cheaper than 40 euro pew day. The average bill in a restaurant for two people is about 35 euro.

The second island in my overview is Lefkada. Here a price about 30-35 euro for room in high season is not difficult to find, and in the restaurants is a little cheaper than on the island of Corfu

The island of Zakynthos in my overview is the most cost-effective. I visited
Zakynthos a few years ago and I paid 30 euro for a decent room in a very nice hotel with a swimming pool. A glass of wine at the cafe right on the beach  cost 2.5 euro, and meals in the restaurants were affordable.

The next category are beaches. I think that Lefkada  is unbeatable! This island is called the Bahamas of Europe and here you can find the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Porto-Katsiki and Egremni. If you are interested primarily lazing on the beach I highly recommended Lefkada.


 The next island is Zakynthos with its beautiful beach Navagio, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Also, due to the fact that you can see turtles Kareta-Kareta in its natural environment, it is really worth seeing.

Corfu falls in 3rd place Behind Zakynthos , in my opinion in the category for the best beaches.  Ionian sa have  the most beautiful beaches of Greece, so a 3rd place doesm mean that ihas not extraordiany beaches. On Corfu we can  find wonderful beaches such as Paleokastritsa and Avlaki.

But when it comes to attractions for visitors Corfu has the first place in my poll. Corfu is an island where you cannot get bored! Starting from the Achillion Palace through the Old and New Fortresses ending with the maritime museum, corfu has a lot to see. The island of Corfu is the cultural centre of the Ionian Islands, and not only.

Because of its location, the island of Lefkada gives us the chance to visit the nearby islands such as Ithaca and Cephalonia. There are organized trips where you can see many interesting places and have a really  good time.

Zakynthos is an island for sunbathers and nature lovers. Here the best attraction is a cruise to the Navagio beach and a cruise with navigation boat in search of turtles Kareta –Kareta

I hope that  this short article will give you some useful information that could help in choice the best places for you .

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