For my honeymoon trip I have chosen Crete. I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of this island, and I was very excited about this holiday. We stayed in Platanias; small, beautiful village just 11 km from Chania town. One of the many attractions there is a path leading to the beach through “bamboo forest” formed by tall bamboo plants. The beach was not overcrowded; and was pretty big and very calm. In my opinion this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete of those I have already seen; however I have not seen all the island’s beaches yet. .

Another place I was charmed by was Botanical Park, located 18th km from Chania, stretched on the slope of the green hill. The view from the park was really breath-taking – green hills sloping towards blue sea. At the park I was surrounded by the most beautiful and interesting flowers and trees of the world; and I felt like being in paradise! After visiting Botanical Park we went to local restaurant at the premises; I had the tastiest salad of my life there! The waiter informed me that this dish tastes so good because it is flavoured with various herbs from the garden. The dish was truly delicious!

At the very first evening of our holiday we realized what the best on Crete is. THIS IS THE FOOD!! Freshly made dishes seasoned with herbs, heavenly aroma of thyme, basil, mint and rosemary in the air; enormous portions priced reasonably… We certainly had too much to eat, to the point we were smuggling to move but it was worth it! Also local wine is worth recommending, amber in colour and delicious, definitely worth trying!!

Cretan aquarium in Heraklion is a huge building hosting many species of rare and unusual fish and other sea creatures. The best for me was a big shark, swimming majesticallyand regaining respect. When I travel I always try to visit places like that as I’m great fan of fauna and flora.
The funniest and creatures on the island are mountain goats, you can see them everywhere roaming around, each one unique and different in colour.

goats in Crete

For my Crete in very magical places ,and I’m very happy that I chose this place for my honeymoon , it was perfect .

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