Lichadonisia Seychelles of the Europe

I heard many time about the town of Kamena Vourla but I never had the opportunity to visit this place. Kamena Vourla is located only 2 hours from Athens. I had the opinion that it was not an interesting place for summer vacations, but, I changed my mind about this place when read an article about beautiful unknowing places in Greece.

The articles talked about some tiny islands called Lichadonisia, Seychelles of the Europe as they call them. These 15 green small paradises are located 15 minutes from Kamena Vourla , near  to the Evia island .

Our trip there was far from boring or normal and I could say a little weird. Let’s start with the fact that the GPS led us into small villages located high in the mountains. One of those villages was Thiva, the birthplace of the mythical Hercules. Despite the fact that a long time has passed from then, in fact centuries, Thiva and the surroundings are still not very modernized.  If was not the sign that remind us  that this was an archaeology place  nonone wouldn’t  think that this is a so important place!

After 2 and a half hours we arrived at Kamena Vourla, and we admired how beautiful it was !!! This was probably the first words that came to mind to me. Green hills, blue sea, a beautiful white church next to the sea, neat sidewalks, beautiful beach covered with fine white gravel.

 This place was a very famous tourist resort in Greece in the 70`s and 80`s, when Grek tourism was not developed. Today Kamena Vourla (loosely translated burned rushes) is still has its share of tourists but its best time of the town lies to the past. Its distinguishing attraction are its hot springs, which are a kind of natural spa, and  you can enjoy it at a relatively low price. At Kamena Vourla you will have the opportunity listen to all Slavic languages such as Czech, Polish and Russian as it is a popular destination for them. But what is the most important is that from there you can get to the Lichadonisia in just 15 minutes by motorboat. Lichadonisia is an island complex of 15 uninhabited islands located between the island of Evia and Kamena Vurla .You can get there only by boat.

The largest island of  Lichadonisia  is  Mamoli island . In the 60`s and 70`s people lived there at a small fishing village, but today we can see only the ruins of their houses. Fishermen who lived there, left their homes and they moved in a bigger city. Manoli Island is a small paradise and is best suited for diving and camping.The most interesting fact is that wild seas live free there and you can easily spot one swimming.

The next island is Strongili (in free translation round). This places is characterized by its lighthouse which was built in 1870. Also there is a large sandy beach organized for the needs of tourists. Not far from Lichadonisia, you can admire a sea wreck from the Second World War, precisely 1943. The wreck is about 30 meters long and 15 wide, and is one of the attractions of Lichadonisia.

 I am personally enchanted by the place. Its like looking to the beautiful wild blue eyes of Poseidon.

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