Mycenae Peloponnese

I remember from a school definition of the word ”mythology” that “The Mythology is a collection of stories and legends” .
Some time ago  I found out how wrong is this definition.
The word myth in ancient Greek language means fact, the  true is  that  some stories was little colored by to give the divinity of the heroes, but most of these are historical facts.
This year I spend the holiday on the Peloponnese and while exploring the castle in Mycenae I learned some interesting  facts  about the Trojan War. Afterwards I watched  the movie “Troy” very carefully in order to compare the movie with history.

 Let’s start with the beautiful Helen. A women have always  stupefied the men, they could work an angle, a great ruler or an ordinary guy in the same way. Many guys applied for Helen hand and they organized  tournaments. Her beauty swallowed a lot of victims. In the end, she was married by the king Menelo, brother of the famous Agamemnon.

 According the mythology the Achilles was a half god and a half human. In the fact he was a prince of Myrmidon (located at  modern Farsala), a country in the Thessaly district . He was very handsome and very tall man. Also he was very brave and strong and on the people’s eyes who live on those days he looks like as a god.

How was Greece at the time of the Trojan War? On the scene when the army of the king Menelo enter the castle in Mycenae we see that the castle stands over the sea. Today, the closest beaches are kilometres away from the castle. Now the castle stands on a hill and around it we can see only wilderness. As we can see the global warming has made its work.

In the movie “Troy” King Agamemnon was killed by a priestess. Here the filmmakers used their imagination and changed the history a lot. The Agamemnon died from a woman’s hand but it was his own wife Clytemnestra the Helen sister’s (reportedly as beautiful as her sister). Unfortunately Clytemnestra not waited eagerly for her husband to return from the Trojan War. Sadly for the king the Clytemnestra found another man, Angisthus .So she thought that remained nothing more than to get rid of the tyrant husband. There are many theories about how died  the king of Mycenae, one of them says that he was poisoned during the feast of welcome. The other theory said  that his wife gave him a shirt soaked with poison. Other theory says that Aegisthus attacked the king during the bath stabbed him with a knife when Clytemnestra  cut king’s head with a hopper .

Well they didn’t suffer  of boredom in those days.

On nineteenth century in a tomb next of the castle the archeologists  found  19 skeletons, one of them belonged to King Agamemnon. The archaeologist pulled the golden mask of the royal mummy and for a split second he saw the king’s face.  Then Agamemnon’s face changed in the sand and crumbled. What a pity!!! He was very sad when he understood  what he had  done.

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