The best of Athens , Plaka

Tourist visiting Athens turn their very first steps to the famous Acropolis; a site of certainly archeological value; everyone wants to see this important piece of history him or herself. Usually visit to Acropolis ends the adventure with the history in Athens; however Athens offer more historical places worth visit. In the shadow of the Acropolis, overpowered by its greatness lays one of the most interesting districts in Athens – Plaka, hosting real gems of architecture and history.

City authorities have banned any changes in this area before World War II; this is why we can enjoy historical monuments and buildings built more than 300 years ago today. Tower of the Winds – over many generations’ people believed that this is a magical place – and the tomb of Philip of Macedon. Tower of Winds is a meteorological station however, built in the first century AD by the Syrian astronomer Andronikos Kyrrhestrt.

Opposite to the Tower of the Winds we can see very important remains of old building named “Door Medrese” Originally theological school founded in 1721; converted to prison during Turkish domination; many Greeks were imprisoned and executed by hanging from the plane tree there. It was the cursed place for the Athenians. When in 1919 year the plane tree was struck by the lightning, the rest or the tree was cut down and burned; and the building was demolished with the exception of the door wall. Monument Lysikratous – so admired by the Lord Elgin that he decided to move it to England (fortunately attempts have failed) is also worth mentioning here.

Another gem of architecture in Plaka is the Cine Paris, a summer cinema which is situated on a rooftop of the building with views of the Acropolis. If you are alcoholic beverages enthusiasts I recommend you to visit one of the oldest distilleries in Europe called Brettos. Cognac liqueur is used to wine production here. Today you can enjoy all kinds of alcohol and have a very good time. In Plaka you can find many museums like the Museum of Modern European Painting and Folk Art Museum. Plaka is a beautiful and interesting place, with many picturesque cafes and taverns. Narrow streets and parks filled with flowers add uniqueness to this place, and there are no places similar to Plaka in Athens and the rest of Greece.

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